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Powering Life and Business Opportunity with Unity in 2021 
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coaching with unique strategies reflecting clients’
immediate goals and expected results.

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We are your trusted and accountable partner navigating Executive Coaching.

Executive and Real Life Coaching will never be the same. 2021 offers the greatest invention of unique strategies that will radically transform your life and business 360 degrees inside-out.

Our teachings are based on lasting actionable strategies, executed in a secure, and trustworthy way. Results will create a personal flow and drive future economic business growth, the keys to greater ROI.

Our team of experts provides the potential to access lasting results for our clients. 

In 2021, it’s essential to consciously step back and make space for conscious reflection, innovation, reinvention, and to realign your life and business with purpose and meaning.

We offer cutting-edge techniques to individuals, CEOs, and C-level senior executives to integrate all business elements for performance optimization and resonate with your core business intention. 

Welcome to the next generation of coaching 

Understand our unique philosophy underpinning our Firm

The benefits of coaching are the deep lasting results we provide.

We believe in strategically assisting individuals, CEO, and C-Suite Executives in transforming the way you navigate and operate your life and business matching your short-and long-term goals. The Coaching Industry in the past has been critiqued for results fading almost right away.

We offer the new 2021 upshifted aligned process, which is alchemical and cell deep, and takes into consideration, heart, mind, and soul matrix. After decades, across multiple continents, we know Dr. Eivor is more than capable to facilitate a turnaround for your organization too.

Change yourself then your business

We facilitate breaking through your limitations, bridging gaps, and maximizing your internal infrastructure and business potential. This higher octave of conscious life awareness and in business, demands creative, smart, new, permanent, and different agile solutions.

NeuroSmart™ re-wiring upshifted solutions, coupled with new 2021 techniques and assessment programs, we ensure that your results and ROI are above your expectations.

Conquer your past to face the future for lasting success


Emotional Actionable Intelligence

You can never successfully change or grow your business with the same thought patterns of consciousness that brought you here and now. 

We provide secure solutions, converged thought patterns to a higher octave for you and your team. 

Witness the right thoughts, feelings and behaviors emerge through new pioneering techniques and assessment tools.

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