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Science & Spirit International, SSI was created by Dr. Eivor Johansson in early 2000 through the core values integrity, honesty, accountability, trust and passion. The overall focus beyond a particular set of innovating new coaching techniques is to provide a more balanced business financial infrastructure that better accounts for the needs of our clients. 

In the spirit of infinite open source applications, Dr. Johansson did not begin with a comprehensive roadmap. Rather she embraced the client’s new psychological matrix and financial principles, for exploration. These principles include the following:

  • We offer advanced business consultant and coaching.
  • Implementation of clients’ core values, results, and goals. 
  • Client’s right and flexibility to demand multiple changes. 
  • Heavy use of an interdisciplinary team and experts.
  • Coaching takes place in a safe and private environment. 
  • Screening each session diligently for security. 
  • Science-based psychological yet philosophical approach.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology-Spiritual Science.

From a fluid and flexible set of psychological and philosophical ideas, the principal work at Dr. Johansson’s firm was the exploration of new coaching techniques, continued education, and building a toolset of creative ideas. The output of this firm for numerous years prior to inception was to safeguard great coaching results and to meet the need of our clients short- and long-term goals and results.

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