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“Dr. Eivor, you made me realize my business blindspot. They were very deep down in my subconscious. Thanks to your methods and techniques my business growth increased by 27% in 2021”. — Alaa Issa | Owner


“At times my business happened without my control but after the “Zero to Genius” program I had a complete intentional on-demand flow state and I got 400% more accomplished”. –Robert Morgan | CEO


“Dr. Johansson is very knowledgeable and empathic in her Coaching ability. Her skills and concern for others are exceptional without compromising her deep sense of value and morals. I highly recommend her”. –Paul R | ESQ

How will your Executive Coaching impact my team, business in general and ROI?

Our cutting-edge Executive Coaching will massively impact talent retention, branding solutions, and ultimately ROI.


A 60% increase in 5-year revenue growth. Human Capital is the only sustainable competitive advantage. From the individual, team, and organizational levels, the business benefits of investing in your workforce are clear.

  • 20% — increase in productivity with our coaching
  • 31% — increase in team performance
  • 52% — reduction in burnout
If you’re someone who’s got big goals and an entrepreneurial mindset, this will radically expand what you’re capable of achieving in business. Our upshifted tools will help you trigger flow states consistently so you can spend every business day in that hyper-productive zone.

e shape your business, your brand, we transform uncertainty and we decode because decoding is not something that’s fabricated. It requires deep exploration and an understanding of the sum of your already-present business attributes, passion, vision, and perceptions that define who you are.

Dr. Eivor’s job is to extract these, and translate them through the lens of persona, business design, perceived image, and story, helping you evolve into a unique distinctive business brand  that knows how to:

– Manage Business Uncertainties

– Reduce Wobble
– Realize Unlimited Possibilities
– Become Unstuck
– Create Great Performance Conversations
– Dealing with Challenging People, Situations and Circumstances 

“Our Brand Method is based on over 20 years of carefully explored human intelligence and validated through hundreds of business clients worldwide in the below Virtual/In-house Coaching areas.” —Dr. Eivor

Executive Coaching
Talent Retention Coaching
Productivity Coaching
Team Coaching
Creativity Coaching
Accountability Coaching
Goal Setting Coaching
Hyper-Focus Coaching
Empowerment Coaching
Partnership Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Communication Coaching
Goal Setting Coaching
Sales Performance Coaching

Based on principles in psychology, channeled through methods such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gamma & Alpha waveform, NLP, Neuroscience, and Business Design behavior we define your authentic message and crystalize your message helping your business exponentially grow.


Business owners hire a coach to:

  1. 48% – facilitate a business transition
  2. 26% – act as a sounding board
  3. 26% – address problems derailing the company 

“Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve” —Bill Gates

Listed are 7 more very successful people who were coached to be at peak performance, to be held accountable for progress, and had to acknowledge their blind spots.

Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

Whether you’re an established or emerging business owner that needs to upshift your business acumen our collaboration starts with a 1-hour Review with Dr. Eivor.

The Review is conducted at a Zoom meeting online, over 1 hour of insightful and stimulating consulting.

Upon completion, Dr. Eivor generates a fully customized report of findings, recommendations, and strategic advice on methods and techniques that correctly aligns you with your business goals and expected results, saving you years of incorrectly invested resources. Furthermore, we collaborate with a network of Coaches for our clients to reach the best possible results for their goals.

Depending on your vision, business needs, and goals, your weekly sessions may be conducted in person/office, or via Zoom virtual meetings. 

The price for our packages is directly measured by what goal, results, and how quickly you desire your transformation to be. More about this in your 1-hour Review session. 

Your Business DNA Review

  • Extracts, capture and translate your business core values lying dormant

  • Unearths your business internal infrastructure through inquiry in areas not yet acknowledged by you

  • Establish the importance of your true 3 V’s, vision, verbal, and vocal for your business  presence

  • Align your business core value system to further clarify your business purpose

  • Uncovers business elements such as language, tone, style, attitude

  • Sets your foundations for storytelling and influence

  • Recommendations on how to enhance your business, and steps required


on your



We’ll clarify and strengthen your vision, business outlook, your Business BRAND* so you can build your business an exponentially growing masterpiece, once and for all. It all starts with 1-hour Personal Review.  

*Validated & praised by hundreds of clients worldwide


is a leading global Coaching Pioneer in Higher Octave Consciousness,
and an Internationally recognized thought leader in the field of personal transmutation and evolution 


We turn clients into empowered, successful, and confident people. 
With over 2o years of expert coaching on a strong solid foundation based on behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and Dr. Eivor’s life’s work, we do things differently!

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