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Our teamwork is your dream work. —Dr. Johansson

Coaching you and your team results in massive advantages.

To unlock greater potentials, blocks are removed permanently, through deep infrastructural shifts, that changes you, and by default your team, and your organization. Our “360 whole person modality”, includes all aspects of a person’s authentic matrix.

We facilitate a scientific-based program, unique knowledge, wisdom, and a flexible, fluid style that ensures the successful coach-coachee relationship with more than 70% consistently excellent outcomes.


A history of impossible made possible

Specific areas of Expertise

Stay sharp on the winning edge. You can, and you will. As your transformational strategic coach, you will leave the impossible behind. Set your goals, then set your sights on what motivates greater results. You will be empowered with the know-how, laser focus, insights, accountability, and support.

Together we grow. We break records, tear down walls, and unlock the extraordinary. If you desire to succeed in reaching your peak performance and achieve permanent results, our Life/Leadership/Executive Coaching is right for you. At every step, you’re driven by passion backed by the latest science. Our program where your heart and mind find it’s rightful place. Your results.

  • Break through any and all blocks to maximize your innate potentials.
  • Relationships, Partnerships.
  • Leadership and Teamwork issues.
  • Meaning and Purpose in your life and career.
  • Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual questions.
  • Financial blocks.
  • Addictions.
  • And much more.


Gain clarity. Your business meaning, purpose, objectives of self-mastery, and the goals you want to achieve is key. This new foundation will radically change your life and upshift your business.  

Master your life and psychology. The only way out of drama and trauma is through what is limiting you. This deep-diving advanced program follows scientific guidelines for soul evolution. 

Manage your life. How do you manage time and robust productivity if your life is fractional? The techniques and individualized strategic actions used, ensure a clear foundation free of limitations for you.

Achieve healthy goals. Lead effectively by gaining insights into new techniques to break through your blocks i.e. blindspots. We uplevel your energy, improve psychology to effectively lead others. 

Improve your career and build your business. You are your business and can’t give your business what you don’t have. Are you ready to take the initiative to change your beliefs so you can upshift your business? 

Heart coherency. Ignite a passionate partnership. To uplevel your old beliefs and perceptions is to master your emotions, your driving force. Become courageous, and deeply allow passion in challenging situations.



“I’m greatly honored to have come across your expertise and the deep understanding you have in navigating life and business with leadership qualities. You have the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of an expert coach and master. You are great”. — H. Schnabel, Helm AG Germany  

“You brought me back to my core values and my business is now thriving. The individualized techniques I use anytime, anywhere. I found myself strongly empowered and inspired to lead my business and offer my designer talents and gifts to the world”. —Robert Douglas, GFX, USA

“You are a tough leader, with laser focus, tuning-fork precision, and truth serum par excellence. I never knew it to be so easy, to be honest, and transparent with myself and the team. My everyday life is flowing and business is booming”. — Alaa Issa, Sweden

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