Executive Development / Resonance Causation

Dr. Eivor Johansson Resonance Causation

“A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words and discusses how to approach the problem.” — Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said “the best advice I ever got” was to have a coach. Our strategic transformational coaching provides invaluable training and consistent support to help you achieve your organizational results and goals, leading to exponential growth and ROI.

The business world is very different in 2020. How you respond to it directly with your decisions and actions impact stakeholders, clients, your team, and personal life. Seeking professional transformational coaching and mentoring from Dr. Eivor Johansson will deliver powerful, measurable results on the world stage and give outcomes for all our clients, business leaders, and senior managers within global organizations. 

In the current volatile business climate, many executives and managers feel increasingly isolated from the guidance that will assist them to successfully navigate the chaos in the business world. Our incubated platform has a single focus on you, your team, and your organizational success.

We provide agile individualized and unique, pioneering solutions that are directly-measured to our client’s needs, results, and long-term goals. The process provides total clarity, identification of clear objectives, actionable immediate outcomes, measurements, and results. 

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