Neurosmart™ 2021

NeuroSmart brain, heart, gut, and entire nervous system allow you to master your business and life. 

Scientific research concludes that special neurons give you powers of perception, teach you self-direction, self-reliance, and to be mindful of the balance between relaxation, intuition, and inspired actions. To converge perceived negative feelings to positive ones will release more creativity and practice empathy and compassion.

Neurosmart™ Facts & Solutions

  1. Frontal lobes tire every 15-20 minutes. / Relax 10 sec. Yawn, stretch, and touch arms for confidence.
  2. 1200 stress-reducing genes are released through core values. / Speak out loud your core values for 7 minutes.
  3. Right frontal cortex worries and left creates the solution. /  Trust your intuitive dialog and take inspired action.
  4. Dopamine is released with small motivating accomplishments. / Big accomplishments creates stress. 
  5. The word NO creates stress. / Have a 5:1 positive thinking ratio.
  6. Procrastination. / Use the  brain’s innate timing before you act.
  7. Motivational centre. / Keep promising yourself more goals, not happiness as a goal.
  8. Use max 10 words for 10 seconds. / Build dynamics in your voice.
  9. Quantity or quality. / The brain prefer quantity.
  10. Reality we see is the brain using frontal cortex. / The optical illusion is we don’t see with our visual center. 
  11. All 85 billion neurons have consciousness. 
  12. Curiosity grows new axioms.
  13. Neurons experience pleasure and pain. / The ancient brain use dopamine, the pleasure chemical that comes from motivation.
  14. The neuron body keeps growing.
  15. Brain can only hold 7-10 words. / Edit and slow your presentation down.
  16. Right prefrontal cortex negative feeling destroys the brain. Left prefrontal cortex is the positive brain. / Chose to be positive or negative.
  17. Every belief has a non-belief polarity. / Be positively aware.
  18. Brain creates resistance to old experiences. / The brain keeps negative experiences from turning into memories. 
  19. Use pleasure while learning. 
  20. Negative experiences have inter-connected neural pathways. 
  21. Negative memories are looping. / Brain’s arbitrary ways to organize unknown sensations.
  22. Psychoanalytical cognitive/behavioural thinking. / Key is to recognise when the brain is looping.

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