A refreshing force of nature, unshakable optimist, truth leader, and thought provocateur, Dr. Eivor facilitate new upshifted 2020 tools and techniques for greater potentials.

She has dedicated more than two decades helping executives acknowledge their deeper authentic, innate skills, leading to massive organizational success.

When you find yourself blocked or limited, and don’t understand how to move forward Dr. Eivor will assist you to break through with clarity, focus and inspired actions.


I was born and raised in Sweden. As an Indigo Child my soul matrix destiny was programmed for converging the internal infrastructure leading to infinite creative pioneering business solutions.

In order to step into my authentic self I was internally guided to sacrifice, take tremendous internal and external risks, I reaped great rewards, I crashed and burned many times and I got back up never giving up on my heart’s desire to be free to share my knowledge and wisdom with mankind.

Today I walk my talk and I have so many possibilities, and much wisdom to offer your life and business navigation. Together we can empower and inspire each other to soar to heights you never dreamed of. Let’s connect today. 



Robert has been a business man since he was in his early twenties. His absolute genius is on any business marketing platform coupled with his expanded heart EQ and high IQ. 

An explorer and adventurer Robert navigate the world in a calm and balanced way always strategising his most immediate next move. 

It’s with passion in our heart to Robert we thank him for being a part of our team. We don’t want to be without him.




A fresh face and a heart full of passion. With great savvy in anything administrative is how Victor leads the way.

It’s thanks to him that everything always is in order and working to full capacity even on days that are troubling.

We are proud to have him with us through the journey and experiences of his modelling career on the side. 

Thank You for who you are. We appreciate you so.


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