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What is Priming?

— Dr. Eivor G Johansson | Read time 2 min

The word prime was first used in 1400. It ultimately comes from the Latin prīmus, meaning “first.” The noun came from the Latin prīma hora, meaning “the first hour.”

I have adopted a priming morning routine that has really worked for me for over 15 years, and I would like to share that with you. Do you prime your “first hour” in the mornings to be the best version of yourself throughout your day? Science and priming psychology is one of the most underutilized success techniques available to all. But – what is priming psychology?

“Priming” is an action using a word, or image that you can use to consciously change your behavior. You can also influence, inspire and change someone else behavior in a positive way without them knowing it until later on.

For example, research has found that we can prime someone to walk more slowly by having them read words like ‘cautious’ or ‘leisurely’, or we can prime someone to be less rude by having them read words like ‘patient’.

The Power of Priming

Do you wake up each morning feeling completely drained? Although you want to be focused and successful, you don’t have the mental energy to accomplish your goals.

Does this sound familiar? When we’re tired and down, it can be hard to remember what achievement, success, and fulfillment feel like. Problems always call us to a higher level of consciousness. If you have the tools can turn your life around by facing your problems head-on, with the mindset of a champion.   

The positive effects of priming in psychology have been proven again and again. You can learn to change your looping state of mind by changing your physical state. An effective priming routine will help you in the morning or at any time you need. You can learn to use repetition priming to create positive associations and use Holographic Visualisation to get what you want in life.

Adopting Your Priming Routine

Take advantage of its positive effects by taking time to adjust your thoughts and emotions so you can live your life in your peak state. Priming is most powerful when completed in the morning to set a productive and powerful tone for your day. It’s also useful for mastering your emotions through breath control.

Priming has been researched by science and the effect it has on your psychology. It all happens completely within your subconscious, but here we are to help you make it a conscious action and so you can take advantage. You can prime yourself positively or negatively depending on what you allow into your mind. When you learn how to set and reset your mood you’ll prime yourself for success every day, and every moment.

Priming Psychology from Yale

In psychology, priming is a phenomenon in which a person is exposed to a first stimulus, and a second related stimulus. The first stimulus “primes” their second response. Ex: If someone is shown the word “sun,” they’ll be faster to recognize the word “moon” than if they were shown a completely unrelated word, like “train.”

Psychologists theorize that priming occurs because we store information in our long-term memories in groups, or “schemas.” When we see a word or image, the rest of the group to which it belongs is also activated, and the related information is easier to access.

Priming may have evolved to help us make faster decisions by associating danger with certain events. But it doesn’t always help us make the best decisions. The following priming examples show that – our reactions are “primed” by our moods and past memories and experiences – for better or worse.

In a 2008 study conducted by Yale psychologists one researcher casually asked a “participant” to hold their coffee in the elevator between 10-25 seconds on their way to the lab. When asked, the result was that 50% experienced the cup hot and 50% experienced the cup cold.

Also, the participant that experienced the hot cup rated the person as happier, better-natured, and social. Participants who held the cold cup were more likely to say the person was unhappy, irritable, and selfish.

7 easy steps for Priming (10 min)

  1. Sit | Find a chair in a quiet area. Have both feet on the floor, chest up, and head high.
  2. Breathe | By conscious breathing, you change your state of being. Breathe strongly, and deeply 3 sets of 30 in and out, with a pause in between each set./ 1 min.
  3. Practice gratitude | Think of 3 things/moments that you’re really grateful for from your past, in the present moment, and future projections. Step into all three moments separately, and see, hear and feel them as deep and wide as you can./3 min.
  4. Visualize | Imagine a colorful violet flame or light coming down from above your crown chakra, your head, filling your body, healing anything, and everything – and then transmuting or washing them away. Then strengthen all areas of your life with a positive flow-through of a folden light or whatever color you see fit./1 min.
  5. Share | Then send all the positive energy that you already have and that you healed out to all others around the globe and out into the creation./1 min.
  6. Focus and celebrate | Visualize 3 goals that you want to achieve. See it done, feel it through, and celebrate a feeling of completion and victory./3 min.
  7. Get ready to Rock | Stretch out the body, reflect on all of the positive work you are doing, and excel in the state of your optimal self. Stay in character go out into the world and conquer your day. 

Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any well-being and health programs.


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