Your relationship with others is directly measured to the relationships you have to yourself. Here are 3 areas to ponder..

  • Love yourself and others equally.
  • Have compassion, empathy and passion for yourself and others alike. 
  • We are connected through the Universal heart and mind.

Converging your internal relationship you have to yourself to a higher octave of understanding yourself will guarantee better relationship to others. 


Dr. Eivor Johansson Meaning and Purpose

To feel that you have meaning and purpose in your life may not appear to be easily attained at first glance. Great news is, that it’s a matter of..

  • Shifting old beliefs of what meaning & purpose is.
  • Your mission of purpose is not what you do, but who you are.
  • Understanding what makes you happy no matter what that is.

The answer is, you are the Magic you have been looking for. You are the Purpose and Mission in your life. What you do in your life is only secondary to what you feel about yourself. 

Dr. Eivor Johansson Relationship Coaching


Long story short. In 2020 your financial independence is a combination of a few areas working together. There may be more for you to explore..

  • Your relationship with money.
  • Your passion about what you offer the market place.
  • Your structures and strategise to attain your goals. 

You may have old beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about money that needs to be acknowledged and converge to a higher octave.

Dr. Eivor Johansson Financial Independence

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