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— Dr. Eivor G Johansson | Read time 2 min

Self-nurturing. Every day we are faced with an overwhelming amount of stimuli. Our bodies, minds, and spirits absorb each of our experiences and store all of them in some capacity. When tension is held in our space, the commitment to engage in compassion, love, tenderness, and gratitude can be challenging.  

What I know to be true in my practice is, when I give myself permission to nurture myself, to take up space in my own schedule, I am telling myself that I am worthy and deserving of care. That level of permission is the first step, it doesn’t have to be a 2-hour long practice each day, 5 or 15 minutes of intentional time is a perfect reminder.

The power of nurturing your heart comes from a committed practice of embracing where you are without judgment or expectation. A committed practice to uplifting and honoring your own needs because you are worth that. When you embrace the power of nurturing your heart your world can be transformed at every level.

Ground and Greet your Whole Self

In order to move through this new reality with mindful intention, we must gain a deep understanding of ourselves. Getting grounded in an intimate knowledge of not only who we are but how we are with each experience, we create a steady place to move from.

Setting your foundation within yourself is a great starting point as you embark upon the journey of tending to your heart. The invitation is to create this foundation from a place of curiosity. You may:

  • Come to a seated, standing or lying down, meditation
  • Take a moment to pause, wherever you are, and take a few mindful breaths
  • Positively affirm your innate beauty

Allow these moments of connection to be chances to inquire within. You can learn to honor all of the thoughts, emotions, and feelings, without judgment or any desire to fix them. With a curiosity to learn and connect, you might begin to access more gentleness in all of the ways you hold space for yourself, tending to all pieces of you with self-compassion.

Allow every Moment to Nurture you

We are able to truly blossom through compassion. From this space, we give ourselves full permission to show up exactly as we are in each moment. Noticing how each experience is infused into our space and learning the messages that are being relayed. Knowing that our needs will change moment to moment we gently become aware of what the highest call might be. Each moment is a new opportunity to understand, a new opportunity to transform how we relate to and connect with ourselves.

Gratitude is an Important Life Skill

The powerful practice of nurturing your heart is sustained and strengthened through gratitude. Specifically the expression of gratitude back towards ourselves. Taking time to receive gratitude from ourselves. The practice of journaling, writing a letter to yourself, speaking your gratitude out loud, or even strategically placing sticky notes around the house will serve you. 

Gratitude allows us to create a sustained practice that honors each part of the process, especially when we are tending to our hearts and guts. Let gratitude be felt for all that you have been experiencing up till the moment and honor yourself.  

Meditate to Better Still the Mind

The easiest way to still the mind is through meditation, resulting in Alpha or Theta frequency. Check out how to choose a meditation style, and what style is for you. Both waveforms have slower oscillation that leads to higher frequency living where the heart and gut are actively acknowledged. Most forms of mediation will, over time, result in a quieter mind. You can’t delete or control a chattering mind but you can simply allow thoughts to come and go uninterrupted. Once the incessant chatter of the mind has decreased, our compulsion to speak constantly will subside along with it.    

There are a plethora of reasons why mystics and spiritual elders rarely speak, and why monks take vows of silence. Because it’s impossible to be perceptive of what’s going on inside and around you when you’re busy talking all the time. 

Feel your Heart and Know All is Well

As you evolve and create a tender place to land, with compassion, nurturing, and gratitude in mind, always take time to sit with what it feels like to be nurtured by your own heart. Let these intentional moments be saturated with self-love, a love that exists without condition or limitation. 

Notice that when you let yourself be the receiver of your love it’s almost as if a door opens to a deeper connection with your heart. The more we nurture our own hearts, the more we are able to extend that same love and care out into the world around us. Through these practices of awareness, compassion, and ultimately, love, notice how your world begins to shift. Allow the power of transformation to nurture yourself to radiate into all that surrounds you.

Editor’s Note: The information in this article is intended for your educational use only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and before undertaking any well-being and health programs.


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